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Schedules and Payments
Game schedules have been posted. Please remember that all registrations must be paid prior to the first game. Payments may be made to your coach.
Picture Day
Picture Day is Saturday, April 18th. Team/Individual picture times have been posted. You can find the schedule under downloads.
Volunteer Forms
ALL volunteers (anyone on the field with players and/or in the dug-outs) MUST have a completed Volunteer Application on file with RLL. This application must include your social security number and a copy of your driver's license.
Recycling at RLL
Starting immediately, we will be recycling at Roxboro Little League. Clayton and Hurdle are providing all of the recycling receptacles for our fields and our concessions areas. According to the state law we must have and participate in a recycling program. According to Clayton and Hurdle over 90% of our waste has been recyclable materials. In an attempt to make the necessary corrective actions and avoid any fines for non-compliance, the following has been put in place to help reduce that number to less than 10% recyclables in our general trash receptacles:
At each field there will be a brown rolling “common trash” receptacle and beside that will be a blue rolling “Recycling” receptacle with a bag in-place. Each recycle receptacle will be clearly marked “RECYCLE ONLY” for the blue bins. The brown receptacles will be marked “TRASH ONLY”. It will be the responsibility of the concessions volunteers to empty and replace the bags for the “RECYCLE” receptacles as needed during their assigned dates. In addition, it will be their responsibility to roll the brown bins up to the designated area for trash collection when the brown receptacles are full. Prior to the next game night, the brown receptacles will be placed back at the designated placements at each field and concessions area. The bags of “RECYCLABLE” materials will be carried to the large receptacle located behind the batting cages. Please do your part in helping us recycle!
Little League Age Charts
Little League changed the date used for age calculations in baseball for all youth born since January 1, 2006. This may alter the league age for your child. Please refer to the following charts from Little League to determine the league age of your child.

Baseball Age Chart
Softball Age Chart

General Announcements

From the Picture Gallery
Baseball Players per League
Today's Schedule (04/01/2015)
Field 1
6:00 PMSB Lady Lockdown
7:00 PMSB 8U Lady Rampage
Field 2
6:00 PMClement 8U
Kiwanis Field 3
6:00 PMTerminus Minor
Field 4
Field 5
6:00 PMRoyals 4U
7:00 PMCardinals 4U
Field 2A
Field 2B
Cage 1
Cage 2
Cage 3
Cedar Grove
Concession Stand
Contact Info
Phone 336-599-6094
Physical Address 215 Wesleyan Road
Mailing Address PO Box 1535
Roxboro, NC 27573

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